Dog Day Care Carrygally, Lismonaghan, Letterkenny, Co.Donegal. (across from Artisan Market).

Open Mon - Fri(8.15am - 6.30pm).

Dog Day cares are a great place to leave your furry buddy while you are off to work or running errands. Lots of dogs are destructive when left alone or seem to never relax when you get home from being stuck on their own all day. Its not natural for dogs to be alone and that is why so many dogs suffer from separation anxiety. 

Not only will your buddy's have the time of their life but they will be coming home tired and ready to spend some quiet quality time with you.  Its a great way to give a dog the life they deserve as they get to mingle and play with friends everyday. What could be more Fun!

Each day we will add photos and videos to both our site and our facebook page. So you can check up on your dogs to make sure they are not missing you too much. 

Do you have a puppy? This is a great place for puppies so they learn to be social with their canine companions.

"Excellent facility! My 3 very spoiled cavaliers are getting on great in day care and I feel very at ease handing my precious boys over to ray which is a first for me!! I can't recommend this place highly enough  ~ Adrienne K
"Extremely impressed with Ray's abilities with my dog. Took my minpin for doggy daycare so he could play with other dogs. Oscar (my dog) is very shy and I was not sure how he would get on. Ray had him relaxed and playing nicely with others when I came back for him. I will definitely be returning. Exactly what Letterkenny needs! ~ Heather LaT

Harper doing a bit of sunbathing.

Milo Observes"looking good Harper"

All you need to do

-Ensure vaccinations are up to date including kennel cough.

-Bring your dog to us for a temperament test

-Puppies under 6months of age do not need a temperament test

-Make sure female is not in season while attending Day Care

Not to worry

-If your dog fails the assessment we can work with them and socialize them with other dogs safely

-If your female is in season unfortunately she would have to be isolated so it is unfair for us to take her to our day care. As soon as she is out of season she is ready to come back again.  


Our local residents enjoying fun in the sun at day care.

" This place and Ray are amazing! My crazy labrador is very settled after coming from doggie day care!! He's so tired and played out!! Would so recommend k9 excellent ~ Yvonne S
" I decided to send Holly here to get her a bit more socialised around other dogs! Seen a big difference after first day she's much calmer and easier to train than before. She comes home wrecked after spending the day in k9 academy! 
Thanks Ray it's a brilliant service u have ps love the videos you put up ~ Yvonne G
"Ray is amazing at what he does!!! lloyd my shitzu used to be so snappy and crabit since going to doggy daycare he's a completely different dog. ray has taught him to bring ball back without growling an snappy wen u try take it off him,far happier dog. ~ Megan F
"Sent our dog bailey to day care to get him used to playing with other dogs , he was a bit shy to start with but now he absolutely loves it and cant wait to get there in the mornings . I would highly recommend k9 academy and Ray he does a great job with the dogs . ~ Charlene McL